Niko Pallas - XR contentproduction, XR operation, CGI gerneralist

XR - for Neumann&Müller digitalmedia: European Inventor Award 2021 by the European Patent Office

Supervision of the XR-Workflow, Consulting Unreal-Developers, Disguise-XR operation while live show

XR - for Neumann&Müller digitalmedia: Marketing-Trailer with XR components

Sceneoptimazation and customation UE, Disguise-XR operation

XR - for Neumann&Müller digitalmedia: Digital-Gipfel des BMWi 2020

Sceneoptimazation and customation Notch and Cinema4D, Disguise-XR operation in studio 1, two days live (each arround 5h)

XR - for Neumann&Müller digitalmedia: Bosch Rexroth

Scenebuilding Notch and Cinema4D, Disguise-XR operation - two live shows

XR - Extended Reality w/ Notch, Unreal and disguise - Neumann&Müller

Overall Workflow R&D, Disguiseoperation, Scenebuilding Notch and Cinema4D

Ekstase (2020) - Media University Stuttgart

Directing, TD, Texturing/ Shading, Rendering, Compositing​